Major Renovations

LeBlanc Custom Homes specializes in major home renovations. Instead of demolishing your existing house, home owners find that renovating can breathe new life into homes by making kitchens more functional, bathrooms more comfortable, and family rooms more livable. Our renovation experience includes second story additions, room additions, kitchen and bathroom makeovers and entire house updates. We open up rooms, make existing rooms larger and create new rooms by removing and relocating walls.

The are many advantages of a major renovation over new construction. The main advantage is the cost. A typical renovation will save between $100,000 – $300,000 over the cost of new construction. The second advantage is the project time frame. Our major renovations usually take 6-7 months versus 9-11 months for new construction. This reduces the time you will have to spend relocated away from your home.

Major Renovation Process:

The first step in the renovation process is to reinforce the existing foundation by installing piers and/or grade beams to support the additional weight of the second floor. We do this based on the engineered plans. At the same time we install new sewer lines under the foundation.

Once the foundation and plumbing work is complete the demolition begins. During the demolition we remove almost everything from the interior of the house including flooring, sheetrock, light and plumbing fixtures, A/C equipment, electrical wiring, windows and doors. We also remove the existing roof, attic and ceilings. Many of these materials will be donated or recycled.

When the demolition is complete the new construction begins. From this point the renovation follows the same steps as a new construction project beginning with framing. During framing existing walls may be moved, new walls may be built and existing walls may be fortified. At the completion of framing the house will have new walls and windows, raised ceilings, a new roof and a new second floor.

During the next step of construction all of the mechanicals are installed including high efficiency HVAC systems, electrical wiring and water/sewer lines followed by insulation, sheetrock, cabinets and trimwork.

A typical major renovation will have the following specifications:

     •  Raised ceilings on the first floor

     •  Expanded kitchen that opens to the family room

     •  New master suite – bathroom, bedroom and closets

     •  Wood or travertine floors

     •  Granite and/or marble counter tops in kitchen and all bathrooms

     •  High efficiency HVAC systems and new ductwork

     •  New electrical wiring that meets or exceeds current code

     •  New water and sewer lines

     •  New energy efficient windows and exterior doors

When the renovation process is complete the house will look and feel just like a new construction.  Here are some pictures that show an existing house and the same house after a major renovation.

Before     After
12127 Boheme Before 3 12127 Boheme After 2
12127 Boheme Kitchen Before 12127 Boheme Kitchen After